Who We Are

We are artists, engineers and innovators working to create and deliver amazing entertainment experiences to audiences everywhere.

Innovative Collaboration

Sharing innovative insights on entertainment technology and collaborating to create rich digital experiences that surpass consumer expectations.

Research & Innovation

Partnering with creative and technical teams from across Technicolor and its family of brands to pioneer the next wave of content and experiences.

What we’re excited about

Through creativity and innovation, Technicolor helps bring new and ever more engaging experiences to life. Here are just a few of the things we’re excited about.

Immersive Ignited

We forge the collaborations, identify – and fill – the gaps, and propel the innovations that will make VR/MR/AR and beyond an adopted reality for audiences everywhere.

Technicolor Academy

We've partnered up with our VFX studios to create a dynamic and engaging VFX training program to support artists developing and mastering their creative skills.

The Blackbird®

Technicolor's The Mill transforms automotive advertising with The BLACKBIRD® - the first fully adjustable car rig that creates photoreal CG cars.

AirTV Player

Enabling customers to access the benefits of OTT streaming while retaining their ability to enjoy over-the-air programming – in a single device.


We partner with the world’s leading games manufacturers, focusing on their creative aspirations to deliver the immersive, high-end experiences that gamers increasingly expect.

Mill Film

Mill Film is a world-class VFX studio built on the belief that inclusion and diversity are integral to challenging creativity, broadening artistic horizons and delivering outstanding visual effects for feature and episodic content.

Our Talent Has Earned Major Industry Awards

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